Smart Homefull Scholarship

Annual $500 undergraduate student scholarship

At Smart Homefull, we want to support undergraduate students pursuing a variety of career choices and encourage them to think about how technology might help or hurt their career prospects long term. Students graduating into the world today will have to be constantly learning to keep up with new technologies and to stay relevant on their career paths and we hope this award will be a help them in their journeys. In an effort to contribute to the education of future college grads, we are proud to offer an annual $500 scholarship to individuals who are currently attending an accredited undergraduate university in the United States.

Essay Topic
To apply, applicants must submit a 700 word response to the following essay prompt:

We live in the age of the internet. No matter what profession you plan on entering after you graduate, technology will play a major role in your career, both positive and negative. One scary possibility is losing your job to a computer or automation. Discuss one such threat to your future career sector, and how you plan on future proofing yourself to prepare for this threat. Describe the skills you will be developing over your career to make yourself hard to replace by a computer.

Application Guidelines
Essays must be received by December 31, 2018 @ 11:59 PM PST. Please email your application to as an attached PDF.

Please include the following in your email application:

Full name
Mailing address
Phone number
Name of college you are or will be attending (open to incoming freshmen)

We look forward to reading your essay submissions and helping the winners with their education costs. We will contact the winner by Jan 10, 2019.

We are excited to receive your submissions to the Smart Homefull Scholarship and look forward to awarding this scholarship for the first time. The winner of the 2018 scholarship will be announced by Jan 15, 2019.

Note to universities and scholarship promoters: his scholarship will be a reoccurring scholarship, and will be offered every year here on out, unless otherwise announced. We will also followup with any promoters of this scholarship if we decide to discontinue this award in the future, so that referring websites can update their scholarship pages. However, in the meantime, this scholarship will be open every year with a deadline of the last day (December 31) of the year in that year. Thank you.